Our Team

Steve Hardy – Partner, Managing Broker & Strata Manager

Steve has been living in the Okanagan since 2006, after moving his family up from North Vancouver to get out of the rain. Steve is a licensed Property Manager, Strata Manager, and Managing Broker with experience managing residential and commercial properties on behalf of clients.

“Personal relationships drive business and Highpoint Realty has been built 100% on referrals thanks to taking time and doing things the right way”.  Steve strives to provide excellent customer service while maximizing your return on investment, long and short term.

Call Steve with your property management requirements 250-718-5594

Duane Dray – Partner, Licensed Property Manager

Duane has been a partner in Highpoint Realty since 2011 and is a licensed Property Manager.  Duane has years of rental and development experience working with real estate investment groups.

“Property Management is based on trust. We work hard to build trust and take our time to find the right tenants for the right property.” Duane treats the properties he manages like his own and will not place a tenant in a property that he wouldn’t put in his own family home.

Call Duane with your property management requirements 250-808-9005

Angela Bolduc – Licensed Property Manager & Strata Manager

Angela is a licensed Property and Strata manager who has lived in Kelowna for 25 years and joined Highpoint Realty in 2016.  Angela currently lives in Lake Country and would like to add to her portfolio in that area.  Attention to detail, positive communication skills and focus on maximizing value are strengths that Angela brings to the business.  She understands the need for reliable, organized, and trustworthy individuals who have your best interests at heart.  Forming a professional relationship with the property owners and tenants is key to her success.

“The importance of a quick response and efficient resolution is paramount when managing properties.  I would like owners and tenants to know that I will promptly respond to issues that arise.  Whether you are looking for management of your property or simply placing a tenant, your investment will be protected and valued.”

Call Angela with your property management requirements 250-212-9957

Shelley Gibbs – Licensed Property Manager

Shelley moved to Kelowna from Winnipeg in 2014, and appreciates everything the beautiful Okanagan has to offer. She is licensed in Property Management and brings with her years of customer service experience, along with a willingness to roll up her sleeves to get things done. Attention to detail and a great attitude help ensure her clients will receive the level of service they deserve.

“Getting to know my clients and building long term relationships is my focus. This allows me to understand their needs and to ensure their goals are met.”

Call Shelley with your property management requirements 250-575-3449

Shelley Peach – Licensed Property Manager

Shelley Peach distinguishes herself from other property managers with a unique blend of professional dedication and personal qualities.  Shelley is committed to professional growth, actively pursuing continuing education opportunities to stay ahead in the field.  This dedication to learning ensures she remains knowledgeable about the latest property management trends and practices.  Her track record in selecting high-quality tenants is exemplary, reflecting her thorough vetting process and keen judgment.  This success contributes significantly to maintaining high standards for the properties she manages.  Shelley’s personality is a balance of warmth and professionalism.  She is known for being friendly and approachable, making her clients and tenants feel valued and heard.  While Shelley maintains a pleasant demeanor, she is also firm when necessary, ensuring that business is conducted with integrity and that property rules and agreements are respected.  These attributes, combined with her passion for the field, make Shelley Peach a standout property manager in Kelowna and surrounding areas.

Contact Shelley Peach with your property management requirements Shelleypeach@highpointrealty.ca

Ian Byrka – Licensed Property Manager

Ian is a UBCO alumnus and licensed Property Manager who has experience in both short and long-term rentals.

Ian has a background in teaching but has been managing rental homes around Kelowna for the past few years.

When he is not spending time with his wife and 2 young kids you will probably find him playing hockey, skiing or golfing.

Call Ian with your property management requirements 250-870-1807

Alicia Dean – Licensed Property Manager

Alicia was born and raised in the Lower Mainland and then settled into the Okanagan 12 years ago and truly enjoys all it has to offer.  With over 20 years in the Hotel and Service industry and over 5 years as an Assistant/Licensed Property Manager Alicia has gained the experience necessary to provide the utmost quality of service to her clients.

Taking pride in hard work and strong communication skills Alicia is fully committed to building lasting relationships both with owners and tenants.  Whether you are looking for full service management or you just need help placing and vetting the perfect tenant she is always available.

“My goal is to offer peace of mind in knowing your property is properly looked after and to help you achieve the maximum return on your investment”.

Call Alicia with your property management requirements 250-308-9110

Melissa Gauthier – Licensed Property Manager & Strata Manager

Melissa started her career in the Property Management industry in 2006.  She was located in Vancouver, BC and assisted in the management of large commercial buildings on Robson Street.  After moving to Vernon in 2007 she started working with a local real estate company in the property management division and received her Property Manager license in 2016.  In 2021 Melissa acquired her Strata Management license and now manages a portfolio of individual properties, multi-unit properties and Strata properties throughout the Okanagan.

Call Melissa with your property/strata management requirements 250-307-5966

Diana Delaney – Licensed Property Manager & Strata Manager, Associate Broker

Diana has worked in the property management industry for over 25 years, first as an assistant, moving on to licensed rental manager, strata manager, realtor, and managing broker. She started her career in Vancouver, then moved back to the beautiful Okanagan valley in 2003, where she was born and raised. As a licensed property manager Diana works with a diverse clientele managing single family homes, townhomes, condominiums, and multi-unit complexes. In her spare time Diana enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, and reading.

Call Diana with your property management requirements 250-550-2120

Alanna Thompson – Licensed Property Manager

Call Alanna with your property management requirements 778-212-0283

Michael Thompson – Licensed Property Manager

With a background in construction and project management, Michael’s expertise lies in understanding the needs of investors and homeowners, fostering long-term relationships and establishing key performance metrics.  Michael adeptly manages properties throughout Kelowna and its surrounding areas.  Michael’s client-centric approach ensures solutions that optimize property functionality and maximize returns.

Call Michael with your property management requirements 250-826-7525